Founder's greeting

There is no greater gift than opportunity.

Dear "Katino Dienelės" community,

I warmly invite everyone to Katino Dienelių International Kindergarten! We take pride in seven years of contributing to better education in Lithuania. We are also delighted to have opened the doors of our primary school in Pašilaičiai in 2021, where children continue their education not only according to the National Curriculum but also through the Cambridge Primary Program.

We value each team member, every child, and their family members. We educate in an inclusive, creative, caring, bilingual environment. We strive for continuous improvement, respect uniqueness, and are fully dedicated to our work. We believe in embedding foundational values such as collaboration, respect, responsibility, diversity, and creativity.

For our teachers, nurturing children is a calling, not just a job. They strive daily to find innovative ways to learn, teach, and grow. Our carefully prepared learning environment provides children with opportunities to become future leaders in today's diverse society.

As an international community with diverse nationalities, we, as a Lithuanian-English early childhood education institution, highly value uniqueness and unity. Not only teachers but also parents and grandparents are actively involved in the children's educational journey. Through close collaboration between teachers, children, and their families, we can achieve the best possible outcomes. This approach allows children to take responsibility for their own learning, nurture personal motivation, and unleash their full potential.

At Katino Dienelės, we strive for excellence in all areas. Our children and staff are happy, engaged, and enthusiastically participate in the educational processes. Join the Katino Dienelės family and open up a world of opportunities for your child from an early age!

Warm regards,

Asta Jagelo

Director and Founder

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